We signed up for the ARC Caribbean 1500 rally from Norfolk, VA to the British Virgin Islands! This makes our start date official and gives us a deadline to start heading south to get to Norfolk by November. We thought it would be ideal to have others around us during our first week-long offshore journey, and event organizers helping with the weather planning, safety checks, etc. Although we must admit, we are most excited to meet fellow cruisers!

Since several fellow sailors mentioned having crew on the boat as a major factor easing the journey, we asked some of our best friends to join us on this lifetime adventure. We couldn’t be more excited to have Kevin (Anett’s coworker – work wife?! – at Crossmedia) and Ben (Willem’s childhood best friend and best man at our wedding) with us on this passage. Kevin is an all-or-nothing kind of guy so we are sure he will be a proper sailor in no less than 2 days and Benny will shine with his amazing fishing and cooking talents (he is a professional chef and fish whisperer). Best crew we could ask for!