A&W Adventures Providence Food Guide

We’ve come to love several restaurants, coffee shops and cocktail bars in Providence and as always we received some of these fantastic recommendations from friends. It’s only right that we share our findings with you now!


The Shop

As mentioned in our post about moving to Providence from NYC, The Shop was a savior merely a 5-minute walk from our sublet. They use and sell beans from Parlor Coffee based in Brooklyn, one of our favorites from New York City. The drip coffee and cold brew is delicious, we are waiting on Kevin’s expert opinion on the espresso so do check back for that. The space is perfect for getting some work done and the staff super friendly – hello Zoe! We shall say no more, go see for yourself!


Tallulah's Taqueria

We found Tallulah’s down the street from us during our first week here, and I believe we ate there 3 times just that week. The place was familiar from the taco shack in Dutch Harbor, but we didn’t expect such delicious nachos and bowls. They have plenty outdoor seating and serve alcohol and churros as well!


Bucktown was a recommendation from a local friend (thanks David!) and has been a favorite ever since. They serve fried chicken and fish as well, both equally delicious, although we are partial to the fried chicken biscuit. Yum!

Enoteca Umberto

We read about Enoteca Umberto on the internet and also heard about it from friends, but we did not expect to be as amazed by the food and the experience as we were when we made it to the restaurant. We got very lucky – unknowingly we walked in on a Saturday evening and asked whether they had a table for us. The owner, who later introduced himself as Umberto, let us know that he could seat us at 10pm. We asked whether they had availability the next day (they aren’t open on Sundays) or next week, to which the answer was a possible reservation in November, so we quickly voted to take that 10pm table. Once it was our turn, Umberto offered us prosecco while we waited for our table and told us the story of the restaurant. His wife makes a different 5-course Southern Italian set menu every night for $65/person, plus dessert and optional wine to go along with each course.

PV Donuts

PV Donuts is the place that made us appreciate doughnuts again. We didn’t have any favorites in NYC and never sought them out but we figured we’d give these a try after reading about them and walking past the shop several times in our neighborhood. They are worth the wait in line: each version is light and fluffy, and some are topped with a work of art. There are even some vegan options, and epic doughnut ice cream sandwiches.

Seven Stars Bakery

This is a no-brainer. Must try the Blueberry Turnover, the Vermont Cheddar Cheese Bread, Olive Stick, Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti, Cinnamon Bun, the Focaccia, the … wait you aren’t shopping for 2 as if you had a family of 8? Don’t fret, anything you try will most likely be delicious at Seven Stars Bakery.

Rebelle Artisan Bagels

New Yorkers be warned: Rebelle Artisan Bagels are not what you eat at home. All the more reason to try them! They are a tiny bit flatter but they pack a ton of taste. Try the pretzel bagel with your regular breakfast sandwich toppings and another with the tzatziki spread!


Courtland Club

We do not have any pictures of Courtland Club, which in my book means it was too amazing to stop and grab a photo of what we were drinking. It is a speakeasy, a very well designed, cozy one that has a great cocktail menu to explore.


Other restaurants on our list we have yet to try based on friend and internet recommendations: